Loving Things English

I’ve been to both New York and London and I must say that I love London more. More to see. More history. In fact, one of the interesting trips I made was to the  British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The former taught me history while the other showed art over time. I enjoyed both but found the British Museum more informative. The Met showed fantastic pieces but it is in connection with the development of art. So, the statutes of Egypt’s first female pharaoh, Hathepsut, is presented as art more than historical pieces. The Greek armor is presented more as sculpture than protection even if somebody lived, fought and maybe even died in it. Again, either way, it was enlightening.

Beyond that, however, I find I like British films more than American movies and much of it is due to the language. I love it when they recreate Jane Austen’s world, Sherlock Holme’s Victorian England not just because of the visuals but, more importantly, it’s language. The script. The stresses. The accents. The spoken word. It is  a universe on its own.

Of course, there were times when I couldn’t understand a word someone was saying because of his accent, which was a bit worrying because he was supposed to be the usher. In New York, the usherette turned out to be Filipino and saved me from embarrassment.

I guess there was just something more grand about my UK experience even if I was there for work while I was vacationing in NY. There is something about the sights, sounds and feel of the UK that was just enchanting.



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