A Catholic Today

We’ve often wondered why evil exists where God not only exists but the kingdom of this world has supposedly become the kingdom of the Lord and of the Christ.

Not too long ago, Pope Francis dropped by the Philippines and had an occasion to interact with some Catholics. A child asked him why bad things happen to good people and the Pope couldn’t give her a straight answer. I cannot claim to be more knowledgeable than the Pope himself by any measure but here is my two cents worth.

As a Catholic, we believe that God is a person who we can relate with. He is the Father and not just a distant creator living in the heavens above us, and far from us. He is someone we can talk to, someone we can trust, and whose presence we can experience; and by experience, we mean not just in a spiritual sense but also in a very physical sense.

How, you ask? We know Jesus took the form of a man and came to us but He has ascended to heaven 2,000 years ago. So, how do we physically experience God in this day and age? The simple answer, of course, is through us, His people. 

When we became part of His Church, His people, we were wedded to Him, and, as the Good Book says, we become one with our spouse. That means that God works in us and through us, which also means that if we want God to help the poor, heal the sick and provide for the needy, well, we have to be the ones who does the helping, healing and providing. In that sense, we can truly understand that old adage that goes for evil to triumph, it is enough that good men do nothing. The truth is that we must live out our faith more. When we have extra food and see a hungry man, it will not do to just pray to God that the hungry may eat because that extra food you have is the answer to your prayer! If someone is in need, then we have to act as the Good Samaritan did, even if the one in need is someone seen as an enemy. We have to love even if it costs us our very lives. It is not easy, which is why we rely on the Holy Spirit for strength to keep going.

We are His hands, feet, tongue, heart and mind. If we expect Him to move in our land and help us, then we must help ourselves for God is already with us and moves in us. We, His children, must do the will of the Father. We do that and I can tell you there will be less evil on this Earth.


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