Iron Fist the Wimp

After much hype, Netflix released a dull…I mean full…season of their newest Marvel series Iron Fist. After all that hype, you would have thought the series was at least as good as Daredevil but, no, it was in fact the worst of the four. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage being the other two. The absolute worst of the four.

Let’s start with the story. It was really nothing more than CW’s Arrow except that where Oliver Queen came out as a he-man, alpha male badass, Danny Rand was the boy who never grew up. Peter Pan minus the lovable character. The story is so warped and overstretched here and there that you can actually edit out a big chunk of the series and finish everything at half the number of episodes it took them to bore us. Why they decided to move away from the original story in the comicbiook i don’t know. It was workable and a hell of a lot better than being an Arrow reboot. A bad one at that. 

I mean this guy was supposed to have been raised by warrior monks. It’s just bad characterization that he would turn out so whiny and wimpy. Not only was he raised and trained by warrior monks from childhood but he actually reached the the peak of their training by becoming the Iron Fist. To do that, he actually had to defeat a dragon, and, despite all that, he turns out to be an overgrown kid? C’mon!!!

Then there’s the fight choreography. It was nothing we have not seen before. Well, fine, the iron fist itself is sorta new…no, wait, take away the light show and Jessica and Luke beat him to it already. Even the battle with the drunken master was so 1980s that it was absolutely laughable. They could have just watched old Jackie Chan movies and improved on it but, no, they just made a mess of it.

And the worst thing about the whole series is the cast. Aside from Rosario Dawson and Carrie Ann Moss whom we’ve seen in the other shows, there is no one that really stands out. I like the idea that Danny Rand wasn’t a muscle-bound military-type hero but Finn Jones was just a terrible choice. He can’t act-fight and he does look wimpy and certainly acts like it.

I did finish the whole season because i was forever hoping it improves but then it just ended, and i knew i had just wasted my money and time.



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