Transracial? For real?

This may not win me points but I do not believe trans-anything is real. 

When Bruce Jenner “transitioned” into Caitlyn, he certainly transformed physically but, sorry, I still can’t call him a woman. Let’s face it, he was born male with all the regular male parts. The fact that he thought he was female, even from an early age, does not change that fact. Naturally, I do not wish to judge him. If he wants to change his appearance, then it’s his choice, and if he is happy that way, then who am I to argue? My point is simply that changing your appearance does not change what you were at birth.

Now we have Rachel Dolezal, an ex-NAACP officer who says she identifies as black as early as when she was five even if she was born white. Again, thinking that you are something other than what you are does not make it so. 

Hmm, I think I’m a dog therefore I am? No, that simply does not work. 

What makes her situation appear worse is the fact that she could have achieved everything she did as who she really was. Imagine, a white person working tirelessly for blacks. Wouldn’t that be something? There is certainly nothing wrong with identifying with blacks but do you really have to make yourself up as one? Again, who am I to judge? Still, changing your appearance does not change who you are. Be a person who identifies with, and, therefore, works for the welfare of blacks. Your skin color won’t invalidate your work.

I suppose it’s jarring because there was a bit(?) of deception on the part of Ms. Dolezal. Anyone who meets Caitlyn Jenner would know that he was formerly known as Bruce, at least I hope so. We can’t say the same for Ms. Dolezal. We wouldn’t have known that she was white if she hadn’t been outed by her own family. Would it have been better if she transitioned from white to black? I cannot say really but it would have been far more interesting than being surprised that someone who people thought were black was actually white. A white person made to look black is still white.

In the end, all we want is the truth…


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