Jurassic World: Me and My Buddy

F* the science people, go watch this movie. Do people die? Yes. Do dinosaurs fight to the death? Yes, of course. Is there too much blood for a PG movie? Oh yes, but there is so much more.

The thing about this movie is that it’s a movie that makes no apologies. Office worker leading lady chased in the jungle while wearing high heels? Yeah, so what are you saying? Did it matter? No! That was the last thing you bothered with. Someone referred to a pachycephalosaurus as a “pachy”, were they being racist? Of course not! Are you insane? It’s a movie about dinosaurs. If you really think too hard about this movie, then you’re just setting yourself up to be branded a nerd, and the worst kind because you’ll just ruin it for the rest of us. So, keep your science to yourself. Just enjoy the thrills.

If you do that, then you might get to think about other things at the heart of the movie: relationships. Between brothers. Between employers and their shareholders on the one hand, and their employees on the other. Between two individuals or between the dinos and people. Finally, between dinos themselves. Get lost in this world imagined by people and not getting it. Life always finds a way to be itself and it lives on relationships.

So, FORGET the science; enjoy the fiction.


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