End of Days

It has been known for some time that Saudi Arabia and Iran have been competing for dominance in the Middle East. Even as the Kingdom is being backed by the US, Iran has found some support with China and Russia, who, to me, are the best candidates for the biblical Gog and Magog. Russia, the has-been, and China, the up and coming superpower wannabe, which makes for a very dangerous combination indeed.

Russia has gained some points recently when it managed to ease the US out of the Syrian conflict much to the delight of Turkey, who has taken full advantage of the new found open license to effectively attack the Kurds. So, Turkey appears to have thrown its lot with Russia and China, its NATO membership notwithstanding.

China, of course, has taken over the South China Sea illegally. Not that anybody else seems to be doing anything about it as China has managed to turn its charm offensive on to keep everyone happy. Some free flowing dollars here and there also helps keep new found friends on their side in any debate affecting China.

Now comes the US killing off one of Iran’s best loved generals in an airstrike in Iraq where Iran has been waging a proxy war with the US and its allies, ie, the Saudis. I don’t recall the US and Iran directly attacking each other before, at least not recently, so this is a bit unprecedented for the US. The US says its actions should not be seen as a move for regime change, or an attempt to start a war with Iran. They clearly said they were already fighting one with Iran and this is intended to stop it. Well, good luck with that.

Iran for its part has vowed to avenge the murder of their beloved general (just how beloved, considering there are also protests against the regime in Iran, is debatable). It might not be in a position to challenge the US one-on-one so it is more likely that they will target its allies instead; again, the Saudis, or, worse, Israel.

If they choose to attack Israel, then things get really dicey. You already have Iranian fighters in Syria, which is just north of Israel past the Golan Heights. If the Iranian fighters get past these, and Nazareth too, then they will find themselves in Megiddo, which you might know better as Armageddon. Yup, the last battlefield in the Bible.

So, an attack on Israel by Iranian fighters themselves or their proxies, or both, into that Biblical hotspot may trigger alliances to come into play compelling their respective allies to send troops to come to their aid. The US and maybe NATO on the side of Israel, China and Russia (Gog and Magog) and a third of the earth’s nations on the other. A war of biblical proportions. The end of days.

Would it be fair to suspect that the Evangelicals are forcing the issue to hasten the second coming of Christ? Man, they sure would be pissed if they did and there was no Rapture…


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