On Family: of Wales and Skywalkers

The once Prince Harry is the son of the once Princess Diana, while Rey is no Skywalker unless you allow it the same way Rose became a Dawson in Titanic.

Harry has been a sort of black sheep of the Windsor-Mountbatten-Wales family after the death of his uber superstar mother having once been photographed in a nazi uniform for one but have recently been doing well for the UK Royals serving in Afghanistan and being active with the Paralympics, among others.

Then he married an American actress and everything changed. Not so much the prince himself but his family, the Sussexes. Well, things got too difficult and he, they, decided to leave the family business. And who can blame him? The UK Royals are a brand that demanded much from each of them but if they look at your wife differently because of how different she is from Kate Middleton, then that is an instant recipe for disaster. And the Good Book did say that when a man marries a woman, they leave their families and become one. That’s who they are now, and it seems they will now walk a different path from their family.

On the other side of the Galaxy, we have the end of the First Order and the Sith with the showing of The Rise of Skywalker. Rey is not a Skywalker. For many fans of the Star Wars franchise, this was a letdown. It damaged the Skywalker brand as the hope of the universe. The film The Last Jedi even made it appear that the universe will be fine without the Skywalkers thank you very much.

Worse, Rey was a Palpatine. The grandchild of the former Emperor. The enemy of the Skywalkers. In the end though, that was one way to put an end to the Sith, the First Order and the Empire for good: the grandchild becomes The Jedi and defeats all of them with one go, with a little help from the last of the Skywalkers, Ben, the former Kylo Ren, who rejoined the Light and ended the Dark.

However, they could not have done it without the inspiration and training of the two Skywalkers: Leia and Luke. In the end, Rey became a Skywalker by association not by blood.

Harry may have stepped away from his duties as a royal but I am quite sure he is still loved by his family. Rey is not a Skywalker by blood but everything about her made her one. Ben Solo was half a Skywalker and yet he could not see it. We are confused at times. Lost. But we find our way home. Back to our family.

In the end, family is more than blood or being part of the family business. It is who we are. Whether we are apart, together, dead or just plain lost. Family has a way of supporting one another both near and far. It’s just who we are.


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